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Your favorite eyeglass frames have scratched or damaged lenses? We will replace or even upgrade your lenses...and you never have to leave home.

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No fogginess and no distortion - just crystal clear vision!

Amy Rosenthal

Very happy with them, they're great.

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Totally satisfied with these perfectly matched lenses!

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About Lens Types

Blue Guard Lenses

Blue Guard lenses offer excellent protection from UV and harmful blue light. When checking out, under "lens option" select "Blue Guard".

✓add $20

✓99% UV and 32% Blue Light

✓Moderate amber tint

✓May prevent blue light induced insomnia

✓May reduce symptoms of computer vision syndrome such as eye strain & fatigue

Shaded UV Lenses

Cool cats like prescription sunglasses. Dark UV Tinted lenses are +$50 and Polarized are +$100

Choose from brown or gray hues.

When adding lenses to cart, click "sun" under "lens options" and follow prompts for color, shade type.

Add Ons

All lenses come with 100% UV and basic anti scratch coating. You can add a premium coating for $20 if you're hard on your glasses.

$79.95 for uniform prescription with basic UV & scratch

$60 more for lined bifocals

$100 more for progressives

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